Computer Accessories

Tools for your Desktop, Laptop, or workdesk, to help you get the job done or style your space to your liking
Airmouse Pro 5C Wireless

This Wireless mouse by Alcatroz boasts a 10m wireless working distance, with rubberised wheel scroll + click function, as well as dual-sided USB-A and USB-C dongle. Adjust between 800 - 1200 - 1600CPI resolution according to your preference.

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Wireless Keyboard & Mouse combo

Available in 5 color combinations to suit your style, this combo features 2.5Ghz wireless keyboard and mouse, with UV-coated keypads for longer durability of lettering, unified USB dongle, silent keys and 1200 CPI optical sensor.

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TZLA Slim C10000 Power Bank

The Alcatroz TZLA Slim Power Bank comes in a 10,000mAh capacity, with 2x USB 2.0 ports for dual-device simultaneous charging, and micro USB as well as USB-C ports for recharging the power bank. Only 220g, this is easy to carry.

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Performance Gaming

Take your gaming to the next level, with performance equipment to add full immersion and styling to your gameplay

Gaming Products and Accessories

Choose from a variety of gaming gear calibrated and designed for the modern gamer

Customizable keyboard buttons for fast response with clicky tactile feedback, or silent and smooth, CPU cases with embedded LED RBG lighting and optimal airflow design, gaming headsets with mics so you can hear and be heard clearly while-in game, and gaming mice with high DPI.

Browse our collection of Gaming gear from Novice-to-Expert levels, and find your perfect fit for your pro gaming rig.
Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Connect up to 3 different devices and switch between them on-the-fly, via Bluetooth. Choose your keys for either distinct tactile feedback and "click" sound or smooth fast and silent performance. Choose your color scheme. Connect to mobile, tablet or PC.

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Armaggeddon Nimitz N9 Gaming Case

This gaming case by Armaggeddon, with tempered glass side panel, is designed with full-length air vents on both sides of the front panel for maximum air intake, USB3.0, improved design for most PSU, SSD/HDD, and other components, fans and LED strip.

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Hornet-3 Bluetooth Earphones

Stylish, comfortable, and tuned for gamers, the Horney-3 by Armaggeddon is packed with Bluetooth 5.0, boasts 8-hour plattime, 10m range, Auto-pairing, and smart-touch. Low latency makes this perfect for FPS and MOBA gaming. Intuitive touch for easy control.

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Home Audio Speakers & Systems

Bring life to your spaces, and wherever you go, with speakers for all occassions

Sound Bars, Speaker systems and more

Choose from, a variety of Home Audio products with vairious features and uses, to fill up any space with powerful, loud, clear sound.

Carry your music and entertainment with you, with a variety of portable speakers, boom-boxes, and loud speakers with Bluetooth, USB, LED lighting, and 3.5mm audio jack connectivity.

Browse our collection of Home Audio speakers for your desk, living room, or outdoor entertainment needs.
BBX-7 BTMI Boombox Speaker

Connect over Bluetooth 5.0 to your smartphone, tablet or laptop, and play your audio over loud clear portable speakers with LED lighting effects.

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BT-3500 Soundbar with Subwoofer

Pair soundbars with your TV console through digital optical audio, for clear sound, or connect over line-in, Bluetooth 5.0 to stream music with theatre surround technology

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Titan Pro 7 BTMI Bluetooth Speaker

SonicGear speakers are perfect for playing your multimedia, with multiple input options, subwoofers, and LED lighting effects.

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Data Storage and Expansion

Upgrade to faster storage, or expand your storage capacity, reliably, on nearly any device
P300 M.2 PCIe SSD

SSDs to speed up your Laptop and Desktop systems, or just give you better read/write speeds on your system, for faster work or play. These PCIe boast 25% higher transfer speeds as compared to older 3x2 era series of SSDs. Available from 256GB up to 1TB capacities.

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Expandable Storage Micro SD Cards

Available in ranges all the way from 32GB up to 25GB, MicroSD cards are used in a variety of devices, and getting the correct standards is important to ensure proper recording, streaming and playback of your content. Pair with card or phone adapters.

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OTG Type-C USB 3.1 Flash Drives

Flash drives now available in USB-C for your phone. Running out of storage space on your phone or laptop? Purchase from capacities of 32GB, 64GB & 28GB. Connect directly to your phone or device through superfast USB-C in USB2.0 and USB3.0 devices.

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Personal Audio Devices

Listen to your media in comfort, style, and peace, with items for all preferences
Airphone 5 Bluetooth Headphones

Headphones that are comfortable to wear for long periods, and available in a variety of colours, with the latest technology like Bluetooth 5.0, inbuilt mics for phone calls, and aux-in connectivity.

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TWS 3+ Bluetooth Earphones

Wireless earbuds are easy to carry, and are low-profile for any ocassion. These earbuds have great battery life, charge when you put them back in their case, and auto-pair when taken out, ready to go.

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Active-Noise-Cancelling headphones

Headphones are great when you want to isolate outside sounds, but when you want absolute isolation, active noise cancelling helps you mute all external noise, so you can concentrate on your audio.

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Computer Components

Upgrading your PC, or building one from scratch? Get all your important components and upgrades here
N2000 ATX Case with PSU

Custom CPU cases allow for maximum airflow, overall sleek and quiet design, and allow you to put your preferred high-performance components inside. Browse CPU cases that come bundled with high wattage PSUs.

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DDR4 RAM with Heatsink

DRAM is vital for heavy workflows on your desktop, whether you're gaming, editing, or managing lots of software. Get the latest standard DDR4 DRAM , with heatsinks to speed up your setup, and keep cool.

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Micro ATX Motherboard

Biostar Motherboards that can handle latest-gen Intel Processors, as well as latest DDR4 slots, PCIe, USB 3.2 and WiFi-6 modules. Browse some serious hardware for serious desktop builds.

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Backpacks and Storage

Styled and built for your EDC (Every Day Carry) of Laptops, and work gear.
Shield Notebook Bag

Sheild-3 is low-profile, while still offering storage space for your laptop, notebooks, and gadgets, while still being comfortable, and sleek. Use the externally mounted USB to charge your devices on-the-go.

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Recce Laptop Backpack

Recce is a minimalist, functional and durable bag, focussing on transportiung the essentials of the common gamer. It can handle a 15.6" large gaming laptop, and has storage for all gaming accessories.

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Shield 5 Notebook Backpack

Shield 5 comes in a water-proof body, with anti-theft code lock, laptop compartment, and breathable foam back panel for ergonomics. Use the external USB charging port to charge on-the-go.

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