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Atom 5 G-Headset

<p>Armaggeddon Atom 5, strong bass gaming headset with pulsating color lighting.</p>

Nuke 11 G-Headset

<p>Gaming headphones with next level performance, 50mm audio drivers with 7.1 Surround sound to provide the most immersive audio experience.</p>

Nuke 7 G-Headset

<ul><li>3-sets of ear gels of different sizes and 1 set of ear gels with flanges for the perfect fit</li><li>Can be used on plane</li><li>Splits 4-step 3.5 audio jack into separate jacks for sound input and output for your convenience</li><li>1.2 meters tangle-free earphone cable</li></ul>

X-Craft HP-8000 G-Headset

<ul><li>Ergonomic Headband design for a snug fit.</li><li>Soft Ear Cushions and Cup Design provide long wearing comfort for all head sizes.</li><li>Durable high-gloss UV Coated surface is easy to maintain.</li><li>High-sensitivity microphone for clean and clear communication.</li><li>In-line push to talk button on cable for easy access.</li><li>Clear audio for gaming.</li><li>Multiple color lights variations.</li></ul>

X-Craft HP-2000 G-Headset

<ul><li>X-Craft HP Gold Wireless Professional Quality Gaming Headset&nbsp;</li><li>Dual Mode -Wired/Wireless&nbsp;</li><li>Switch between wired/wireless mode conveniently&nbsp;</li></ul>

X-Craft HP-1000 G-Headset

<p>Alcatroz 2.1 X-Craft HP 1000 Ergonomic Headset, designed for long hours of comfortable gaming experience.</p>